Mortis Master Guide: Unleash Potential

Mastering Mortis’ distinct playstyle, which relies on agile movements and calculated strikes, is essential for success. Whether you're swiftly cutting through enemies or tactically achieving objectives, understanding Mortis' unique abilities is crucial.

In this comprehensive Brawl Stars guide, we will delve into Mortis' essential gears, gadget, and star power to unleash his maximum potential. Properly equipping Mortis can significantly impact and elevate your gameplay experience.

As of the latest update on April 15, 2024, we have refreshed this guide to ensure its relevance with Mortis' current position in our Brawl Stars tier list. Our goal is to assist you in optimizing Mortis' exceptional skill set within the game.

Best Gadget for Mortis:

The "Survival Shovel" stands as the key to unlocking Mortis' full potential. This gadget, which doubles Mortis' reload speed for a critical four seconds, can decisively shift the course of battle by ensuring he is always prepared to swiftly maneuver, strike, and dominate his opponents.

Whether you are gracefully navigating through the chaos or strategically retreating, the Survival Shovel guarantees that Mortis remains a constant and formidable presence on the battlefield. Its capacity to complement his innate agility and compensate for his slow reload speed establishes it as an invaluable asset in his arsenal.

Best Star Power for Mortis:The "Coiled Snake" star power is an essential choice for Mortis. It reduces the time required to charge his attack bar by almost half, greatly improving his mobility and striking range.

With the extended dash distance, Mortis can make more aggressive plays and surprise engages, which allows him to maneuver through enemy lines and strike with precision. Whether ambushing unsuspecting targets or executing a quick escape, "Coiled Snake" enhances Mortis' dynamic and threatening presence.

When considering the best gears for Mortis:

Enhancing Mortis with Gear

Equipping Mortis with the shield gear allows him to gain an additional 900 health in the form of a consumable shield. This shield regenerates in 10 seconds if Mortis is at full health, providing a valuable buffer for his survivability during intense combat situations.

The shield gear, along with damage gears, offers Mortis the most effective enhancement to his playstyle. The consumable shield significantly bolsters Mortis' ability to survive as he fearlessly dashes into the heat of battle, making it an essential choice for players looking to maximize his potential on the battlefield.

Equipping the damage gear allows your brawler to deal 15% extra damage when their health falls below 50%. This amplifies their threat level, making each strike more impactful in critical moments. On the other hand, switching to speed gear on bushy maps can provide unparalleled mobility, turning Mortis into an elusive shadow within the bushes, ready to strike when least expected.

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