Finding an office in a leading location can be a daunting task. So many options are available, and you will have to choose after doing a comprehensive research. You will also have to know where to begin and what you need. Without making it more confusing, let us delve deeper into the six key steps that help you choose the best option among the offices in BGC.

Six steps to choose an office in BGC

  1. Find the needs

Your needs will define your future office space. Determine your needs first. Take your time to identify and comprehend those needs. Do you have any business expansion plans for the next few years? Are you looking for special projects or have to hire a workforce? Consider the factor of renting an office space after you have done your homework to determine your current needs.

  1. Flexible infrastructure solutions

More than four walls and ceilings will define your office. It must have specific requirements that can support your business operations well. On the other hand, your employees will also have some expectations regarding joining an office. Hence, the infrastructure of an office must be up to the mark for well-acclaimed seat leasing facilities, enclosed private offices, and versatile coworking spaces. This infra must include amenities, services, car parking, seating arrangements, meeting rooms, etc.

  1. Strategic Location

The next step is to check for the probable locations of your new office. Make sure you have chosen the leading areas in the city that employees and clients prefer visiting. The flexibility in commute also becomes a factor for the employees. Hence, your next focus should be on the location part of your new office space.

Determine a few leading locations and start scouting the best offices in BGC to rent. Check the services offered by these offices and jot down to make a list.

  1. Seek information and compare

Ask for the correct information related to office space layouts from the service providers. Give them a call and explain what you need. Gather detailed information for all the leading options on your list and start comparing them.

Ask for quotes from the authorities and compare these names. Make a short list of those offices and check what amenities you can get in those service packages. Make sure you ask for the best pointers and features that make an office space a lucrative option from the service provider.

  1. Visit or take a virtual tour

Visit the probable office spaces physically or take a virtual tour. Check the business and non-business facilities offered thoroughly.

  1. Negotiate and put in an offer

Choose one of the suitable options you have found and make an offer. Explain the services you need and set a package you will have to afford every month.


This is how you can find the most amazing offices in BGC to choose from. Make sure you get customized office solutions.