Introduction About Alex Sandro Lobo Silva

Alex Sandro Lobo Silva, born on the 26th of January 1991, is revered as a formidable left-back, both in Italy's Serie A with Juventus and on the international stage with the Brazil national team. His journey in professional football began in Brazil with Atletico Paranaense, from where his talents earned him a move to European football. On loan to Santos, his skill set continued to grow until in 2011, when he made a significant transfer to Porto, for a fee of €9.6 million, marking a new chapter in his career alongside his compatriot Danilo.

Upon joining Juventus in 2015, Alex Sandro's impact on the Italian club was immediate and profound. His contributions in defense and his ability to support the attack have been integral to the team securing a domestic double for three consecutive seasons, starting right from his debut year. His tenure at Juventus has been marked by a succession of triumphs, including two more league titles in the subsequent years, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier left-back who brings both consistency and excellence to the pitch.

Internationally, Alex Sandro has adorned the yellow and green jersey of Brazil with pride and distinction. Not only has he amassed over 40 caps for the senior team, but he also boasts a commendable youth career. His international accolades include triumphs at the South American Youth Championship and the prestigious FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2011. His prowess and dedication to the game were further recognized when he helped Brazil secure the Copa América title in 2019. Alex Sandro's career, characterized by steady growth and a collection of silverware, stands as a testament to his quality as one of the best left-backs in the game.

Alex Sandro Lobo Silva's Showdown card

In the dynamic world of virtual football, Alex Sandro Lobo Silva's Showdown card emerges as a formidable Left Back with an impressive overall rating of 88. Boasting a blistering pace rating of 90, this card exemplifies the epitome of a swift defender capable of transitioning into a sharp attacking threat. With a shooting rating of 79, passing at 87, and dribbling skills scored at 88, Alex Sandro can not only fortify the defense but also contribute significantly to the offense. His balanced defense and physicality, both rated at 85, ensure that he is a robust presence on the field, adept at dispossessing opponents and initiating counterattacks. This card offers a significant advantage for players looking to solidify their backline while also possessing the agility and skill to dismantle the opposition's defense and pivot the game in their favor.

How to Obtain Alex Sandro Lobo Silva's Player Card

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