A car insurance premium calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate the estimated car insurance premium amount. Apart from that, the tool also allows you to customise the IDV (Insured Declared Value) as per your preference. To calculate the premium, all you need to do is enter a few basic details in the tool like car make/model, vehicle’s age, fuel type, RTO location, etc.

How to Use a Motor Insurance Calculator

The user-friendly car insurance premium calculator will require you to input certain details before it can do the calculations for you.

Basic Details: Here, you will have to fill in your basic details. This would include your name, mobile number, etc.

Registration Information: Enter the registration details of your car, along with the production year.

Brand of your car: The car insurance calculator will ask for the brand information of your car.

Model Number: Once you give the brand details, you will have to choose the model of the car along with the variant.

Fuel Type: The calculator will ask for the type of fuel your car uses— petrol, diesel, or battery operated. 

Insurance Claim History: The calculator will ask you whether you have any existing claims or not. In case you don't have any existing claim, you will have to answer another question regarding your eligibility for a no-claim bonus.

Get Results: The Motor insurance policy calculator will compute all the factors and give you a figure for different types of insurance coverages. You can also incorporate other add-on factors to fine-tune things to adjust to your needs so that you obtain a more exact car insurance premium figure.

Reasons to Use a Car Insurance Policy Calculator

Here are some of the best reasons to use a calculating tool:

Price Points: The primary reason why anyone would want to use a premium calculator is to know the exact amount you will have to pay for insurance coverage. The premium amount depends on the coverage plan you have chosen.

Saves Time: This tool will help you save up a lot of time. You can easily get rid of doing complex calculations. It will do the entire work in a jiffy. If you use an online calculator for car premiums, you won't have many reasons to double-check it.

Help find better Add-ons: Once you get the amount of your premium, you can decide the add-ons your budget can permit you to take. It will help you get better coverage against several types of car damages.

Works for Old and New cars: It gives you better flexibility as you can calculate the insurance premium of new cars. You can also check out the same tool as a used car insurance premium calculator if you need to ascertain what would be the insurance coverage amount if you are buying a second-hand car. 

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