Garena has recently revealed details about a new character named Isabel, who is expected to be introduced in the upcoming OB44 update of Free Fire. According to the leaked information, Isabel will possess a game-changing active ability known as 'Electrotherapy'.

The leaked Electrotherapy ability of Isabel seems to be extremely powerful, with the potential to significantly impact the game's meta. It is anticipated to emerge as a widely used option in the Free Fire OB44 update due to its unmatched healing and overheal capabilities.

However, it is important to note that the information is based on leaks from the OB44 advance server, and the character's name or attributes may undergo changes before the global release.

Key Details about Isabel, the Free Fire OB44 Character: - Isabel's Active Ability: Electrotherapy - The Electrotherapy ability will establish a healing bond between Isabel and a teammate. Both players must remain within a 15-meter radius of each other to benefit from the healing effects. If they move further apart, the healing bond will automatically be severed.

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