Introduction About Roy Keane

Hailing from Ireland, Roy Maurice Keane is celebrated as one of football's most formidable midfielders, with a playing career that spanned 18 illustrious years. Born on the 10th of August, 1971, Keane's football journey took him from the local pitches of Cobh Ramblers to the grand stages of Manchester United and Celtic. His tenacious box-to-box play, characterized by a blend of aggression and competitiveness, not only defined his style but also earned him a respected place among his peers and football enthusiasts worldwide.

Keane's time at Manchester United, under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson, was marked by an extraordinary haul of 17 major titles, contributing to his status as the joint most successful Irish footballer in history. His leadership skills shone brightly during his tenure as the club's captain from 1997 to 2005—a period in which United dominated English football. His contributions were so significant that in 2021, Keane was rightfully inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame, cementing his legacy within the sport.

Beyond his club success, Keane captained the Republic of Ireland national team with distinction, earning over a decade's worth of caps. His international career, which included every game for Ireland at the 1994 FIFA World Cup, was not without controversy, but it showcased his unyielding spirit and commitment to the game. Transitioning from the field to the touchline, Keane embarked on a managerial career that saw him lead Sunderland to an improbable promotion to the Premier League. His post-playing career has also seen him make his mark as a forthright football pundit and a valuable coaching asset at various clubs and for the Republic of Ireland national team.

Roy Keane's World Cup Showdown Plus card

Embark on a journey to midfield supremacy with Roy Keane's World Cup Showdown Plus card, a formidable Center Midfielder boasting an impressive overall rating of 90. With a balanced blend of attributes, Keane's card shines with a pace rating of 83, ensuring swift transitions during play, and a shooting rating of 73 that, while not his strongest suit, can still deliver when the opportunity arises. His passing rating of 86 is a testament to his vision and accuracy, making him an essential playmaker who can orchestrate the flow of the game. Coupled with a dribbling rating of 84, Keane can maneuver through tight spaces, maintaining control and composure. However, it's his defense rating of 88 and a towering physicality rating of 91 that truly set this card apart, enabling Keane to dominate the midfield with tenacious tackling and remarkable endurance. This card is tailored for those who seek to control the game's tempo, disrupt the opposition's advances, and provide the steel needed to turn the tide of any match, making it a must-have for any strategist looking to fortify their team's core and seize victory.

How to Obtain Roy Keane's Player Card

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