Muddy forest floors, dirt splashes from biking, or leaking bottles can damage and ruin your backpack’s interiors. In such cases, you need to clean and maintain it. However, people do not know the hacks of doing so. We all prefer being outdoors, while many friends ride to work daily.

Our outdoor backpack is constantly used all year round and requires cleaning from time to time. Therefore, you can follow this guide to wash, maintain, and dry your hiking backpack.

What types of dirt do backpacks contain?

Mountain bikers enjoy rough terrains while riding on adventures. Mud splashes and dirt from the trail are right up there, followed by pollution like dust and mud. Sweat, spilt drinks, and even sunscreen can cause your outdoor bags to become sticky and wet. Everything sticks to them, whether inside or outside, especially in the buckles and zippers. You need to wash them thoroughly to retain their quality and structure.

Washing instructions

You should never wash backpacks in the washing machine. The stress on the material is too high, causing the coatings to come off, buckles to break, and holes to develop. Therefore, wash your backpack by hand if possible. Follow these instructions:

Cleaning out

The easiest method to remove rough dirt is using a shower head. If your backpack is extremely dirty, soak it in the bathtub or a large bucket. Lukewarm water and a suitable detergent are helpful here. Remove everything from your bag, including the helmet net, and shake it well. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove small crumbs and other dirt. Wipe out the inside of the backpack with a moist microfibre cloth.

Place it in the tub

When placing your backpack in the tub, remember to use only detergent for functional materials that protect the outer material of the backpack without attacking its coating. You can also use a fabric softener or stain remover to make your backpack fragrant and clean. Since you invest a lot of funds and time buying outdoor bags, you should learn to maintain them well.

Sponge and toothbrush

With the help of a sponge and a toothbrush, you can clean the bag’s zippers and small compartments. Most bags contain one or two compartments with two side pockets for storing your goods. If you are worried about its damage, most bag companies offer a 12-month international warranty on their products, letting you use them for longer.


Once the upholstery is free of dirt, rinse all the parts properly with clear water to remove the soap and dirt residues. Follow the wash instructions on the outdoor backpack while cleaning it to prevent damage. Clean it regularly for long-term use.


Now that you have a clean backpack, you can squeeze out all the padding using a large towel. Hang it outdoors upside down in a well-ventilated area to drain excess water from all the compartments before storage.