The business intelligence market is at its all-time high.

  • Over 89% of companies consider Business Intelligence critical in their operational processes. ~ Dresner
  • 77% of Enterprises, where CEOs make data-driven decisions, are likely to reach their business goals. ~ Deloitte
  • From 2023 to 2028, over $25.73B → $34.16B growth is projected within the Business Intelligence software market, with a CAGR of 5.83%. ~ Statista

Amidst a busy day, what sets you on the pursuit of reliable Power BI consulting company?

  • Is it the anxiety about making wrong decisions with scattered and unstructured data?
  • Is it the frustration of failing to identify critical business problems due to data silos?
  • Is it the fear that your internal team lacks the technical BI prowess?

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these questions, it’s high time to stop thinking about it, and rope in a Power BI consulting partner to expedite data-first initiative.

Thanks to data analytics and advanced technological tools – such as Microsoft flagship BI software Power BI, businesses, such as yours, can always rise above the everyday data-related challenges, provided you utilize them correctly.

But within some time of embracing such a robust BI tool, independently, leaders encounter a new challenge – incapacity.

Incapacity to maximize their investment while effectively interpreting and acting upon the wealth of insights generated by this tool.

In such dire situations, businesses turn to an expert Power BI consulting company that grooms the discrepancies and streamlines the BI efforts.

If you are a leader planning to opt for Power BI or have already invested in it – navigating the world of Power BI alone can be like trying to solve a complex puzzle.

You may be confident that all the pieces somehow sit together, but figuring out the How can pose a challenge unless you have a team of experienced Power BI consultants in your arsenal.

Sit back and relax! In this insightful blog, we bring you USA’s top Microsoft Power BI service providers you can turn to for your BI needs.

Before you pick your Power BI consulting partner and decide to make Power BI the backbone of your business intelligence initiatives, let’s unfold why you should join the path of Power BI.

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Why Should You Follow the Power BI Path to Make Your Mark?

Power BI is considered one of the best and most powerful BI tools, contending for the top spot in the business intelligence market.

Power BI consulting companies

Now, that you are aware of how Power BI proves instrumental in shaping your business intelligence growth, let’s look at the top companies providing Power BI services in the United States.

Top Power BI Consulting Companies and Services Providers in 2024

1. PixelPlex

Headquarters – New York, New York

If you’re looking to gain a holistic view of business via data analytics-driven BI services, PixelPlex is an ideal Power BI consulting company. It is renowned for helping businesses of all sizes, incorporating proven BI tools and strategies into their business ecosystem.

With 7 years of experience in the business intelligence domain, their BI professionals assist companies like yours to achieve your BI goals with full-service Business intelligence consulting, Enterprise BI solutions development and implementation, and BI platform customization and integrations.

PixelPlex stands out among other leading Power BI services companies in the USA due to its expertise in offering blockchain BI solutions ensuring airtight security and building a reliable blockchain foundation.

Their dedicated Power BI unit fully engages itself in each project with the commitment to achieving uncompromised success. Their hands-on practice with BI tools such as Power BI and cross-discipline proficiency, ensures that your project is in capable hands.


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