In addition to the Asian handicap or Over/Under bets, the 1×2 European handicap is also one of the three popular types of bets. It is always present in the betting boards of reputable bookmakers. The 1×2 European handicap is often listed with odds before the match takes place. This type of bet focuses only on three outcomes: Win/Draw/Lose and does not consider the exact score of the match. To learn more about this bet, follow the information football tips for beginners provided by Wintips below.
What is the 1×2 European handicap?
The 1×2 handicap essentially refers to the odds of European betting. 1×2 Betting is also known as three-way betting. Bettors will place bets on the outcomes of Win/Draw/Lose. This type of betting is used in many European and American countries. Specifically, the symbols used in this type of betting are:
1 represents a win for the home team.
X represents a draw in the match.
2 represents a win for the away team.
The easiest way to read the 1×2 European handicap
To better understand this attractive betting option, let's analyze a match between Vietnam & North Korea in the example below. In this scenario, the home team Vietnam is represented by 1, and the away team North Korea is represented by 2. The symbol X indicates a draw.
Looking at these odds, you can see that the bookmaker has set the odds for Vietnam to win at 1.33. And the odds for North Korea to win are 4.3, while the odds for a draw between the two teams are 7.3.
From this, players can understand that if they bet 100,000 VND on Vietnam and Vietnam wins, they will receive 133,000 VND. Similarly, if you bet on North Korea and they win, you will receive 430,000 VND. In the case of a draw, you will receive 730,000 VND.
Reputable bookmakers will analyze the strength of both teams to determine the most reasonable odds. Vietnam is slightly stronger, so the likelihood of North Korea winning will be lower. Betting on North Korea to win will yield more money. Therefore, the match between Vietnam and North Korea is likely to end in a draw. So if you bet on a draw, you will win with lower odds, but if the draw wins, you will earn more money than the other two options.
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Experience in betting 1×2 in Europe brings high winning odds
Grasping information about both teams
The first thing to note when placing a 1×2 bet in Europe is to focus on which team will win, lose, or draw. This type of bet is unlike others where players must consider and predict based on match scores, corner kicks, or the odds provided by bookmakers...
Therefore, bettors should spend time gathering information, analyzing, accurately assessing the strengths of both football teams, and then make informed betting choices to secure victory.
Betting at the right time
Players should analyze and place bets within 3-5 days before the match. This is a period when bookmakers do not significantly impact the odds. As the match day approaches, bookmakers will constantly adjust the odds, making it difficult for players to predict or place bets.
Allocate the betting funds wisely
For novice bettors, they may rely on intuition, but this is not encouraged. Relying solely on luck cannot ensure consistent wins. To play 1×2 bets in Europe, one needs to rely on their practical skills. Placing all the money on one outcome may trap players into the bookmakers' traps, especially when the two teams have similar strengths.
Avoid following the crowd
Trust in your own knowledge and skills rather than blindly following the majority. Just because many people bet on a certain outcome doesn't mean it's a guaranteed win. Through self-collected and analyzed information, you can confidently make betting choices based on reality rather than emotions.
Furthermore, many bookmakers nowadays use crowd psychology traps to manipulate bettors. Researching and analyzing match information is always the biggest foundation for professional bettors.
Choose reputable bookmakers
A reputable bookmaker with a good reputation in the market will not resort to tricking players. Often, less reputable bookmakers will offer high odds for weaker teams, attracting many people. This is a very dangerous lure that players need to avoid.
From the information betting tips app above, it can be seen that betting 1×2 in Europe is neither easy nor difficult. The important thing is that bettors must grasp these secrets and have reliable betting analysis support from Wintips. Wishing you success in all your 1×2 betting endeavors!