New Year, as we all know, is a time for new beginnings… but a lot of it is also about appreciating what we already have in our lives. There can be a temptation among many of us to attempt to treat the New Year as such a “clean slate”, that we overlook our previous successes and current strengths. And that, in turn, won’t help us establish the platform for new triumphs. 


This brings us neatly onto the subject of the self-confidence of your boyfriend, husband, or for that matter, any other special man you might have in your life. 


If he has made noises about wanting to “do better” in certain aspects of his life in 2024, but you feel he could do with a self-esteem boost to help him on his way, here are a few routes to accomplishing exactly that. 


Don’t tell him he seems to lack confidence 


It may seem curious for us to start our list of tips advising you not to do something. But the fact is, men can be sensitive about the subject of their self-esteem – telling him he needs to work on becoming more self-confident may seem to him an attack on his “manliness”. 


So, while being open and honest is generally a good thing in most parts of life when it comes to helping your guy bolster his self-confidence, an approach of discreet nudging might be preferable. 


Show him that you find him attractive 


You might be in a relationship with your man – even a very well-established relationship – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep flirting with him as if you’ve only just met him in a bar! 


Whether guys say it or not, they do like to feel they are good-looking, just like women do. We’re sure there is something about him you will find hot, even if he doesn’t resemble Brad Pitt or George Clooney, so you should be sure to drop in those compliments on the regular. 


Make it clear you love being around him 


The previous point, of course, ought to be accompanied by this one: as is the case with women, men love to be appreciated for their minds, personalities, and what they might do for their partner, rather than simply their looks or “hotness”. 


So, you should not hesitate to convey that you genuinely enjoy his company. Don’t merely say that to him – show it, too. By that, we mean such things as taking a genuine interest in the things he says and actively participating in conversations with him about his passions, interests, and your lives together. 


Don’t forget the positive body language that should come through in your non-verbal cues, too; think of all those smiles, laughs, and physical contact such as hugs and placing your head on his shoulder. 


Purchase him a treat or two that relates to his self-confidence 


Again, in making this inclusion, we have to cycle back to the point we made earlier: be subtle, rather than blatant, in your efforts to improve your man’s self-esteem. 


So, if you purchase your guy a men’s grooming set for his upcoming birthday or your anniversary, don’t say something along the lines of, “You need to be better groomed, so I got you this”. 


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