Choosing the perfect seat on a flight can significantly enhance your travel experience. United Airlines understands the importance of comfortable seating and offers various options for passengers to select their preferred seats. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of seat selection with United Airlines, including any discounts available along the way.

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

United Airlines provides its passengers with the flexibility to choose their seats according to their preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize extra legroom, proximity to the aisle, or prefer a window seat for a scenic view, United Airlines Seat Selection has options to accommodate your preferences.

Process of Seat Selection

  1. Booking Process: When booking your flight with United Airlines, you'll have the opportunity to select your seat during the booking process. You can do this either through the airline's official website or via their mobile app. Simply follow the prompts and choose from the available seating options.

  2. Manage Reservations: If you've already booked your flight and need to select or change your seat, you can do so through the "Manage Reservations" section on the United Airlines website or app. Enter your booking details, and you'll be able to view the available seats and make your selection.

  3. Check-in: If you haven't selected a seat before check-in, United Airlines will automatically assign you a seat. However, you still have the option to change it during the check-in process. Online check-in typically opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

  4. At the Airport: If you prefer to select your seat in person, you can do so at the airport check-in counter or kiosk. Keep in mind that seat availability may be limited, especially closer to the departure time.

  5. Seat Selection Fees: While United Airlines allows passengers to choose their seats for free during the check-in process, there are certain seats that come with an additional fee. These may include seats with extra legroom, preferred seating near the front of the cabin, or seats with specific amenities. The exact fees vary depending on the route and the type of seat selected.

Discounts on Seat Selection

United Airlines occasionally offers discounts or promotions on seat selection to its passengers. Here are some ways you can potentially save on seat selection:

  1. MileagePlus Premier Status: If you're a member of United Airlines' MileagePlus loyalty program and have attained Premier status, you may be eligible for complimentary or discounted seat selection, depending on your level of status. Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum, and 1K members enjoy various perks, including preferred seating options.

  2. Promotional Offers: Keep an eye out for promotional offers or deals that United Airlines may periodically release. These promotions could include discounted or free seat selection as part of a broader campaign to incentivize bookings.

  3. Travel Packages or Bundles: United Airlines sometimes offers travel packages or bundles that include perks such as priority boarding, checked baggage allowance, and seat selection at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each item separately. Consider opting for these packages if they align with your travel needs.

  4. Credit Card Benefits: Certain co-branded credit cards offered by United Airlines may provide cardholders with benefits related to seat selection. These benefits could include discounted or complimentary seat selection as part of the card's perks.


Selecting the right seat can greatly enhance your comfort and overall experience when flying with United Airlines. Whether you prefer extra legroom, aisle access, or a window seat, the airline offers various options to accommodate your preferences. By understanding the seat selection process and exploring available discounts, you can ensure a pleasant journey from takeoff to landing.