Still another essential principle of A Program in Miracles may be the proven fact that the bodily world is an illusion. It posits that our sensory experiences are unreliable signals of truth and that true belief can just only be achieved through a shift in consciousness. The Program distinguishes between the "real world," which really is a state of peace and oneness beyond the substance region, and the "pride world," indicated by concern, separation, and conflict. Based on ACIM, our principal purpose is always to wake from the desire of the confidence earth and come back to the awareness of our heavenly nature.

ACIM also introduces the thought of the Sacred Spirit as helpful tips and instructor within the individual. This spiritual existence is seen as the foundation of motivation and wisdom, helping people acim produce possibilities that cause people closer to reality and far from illusion. The Course shows that through our readiness to listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance, we could accessibility a greater comprehension of our purpose and the road to healing.

The Workbook for Students in A Course in Miracles consists of 365 classes, one for every day of the year. These lessons are designed to support pupils internalize the teachings and use them to their everyday lives. They frequently include meditative and contemplative exercises, affirmations, and insights on the methods shown in the text. The goal of these daily lessons is always to change the student's notion and attitude slowly, major them towards a situation of true forgiveness, internal peace, and religious awakening.

The Information for Educators, the third element of ACIM, is aimed at those individuals who have embraced the principles of the Class and experience forced to fairly share them with others. It offers guidance on the features of a true instructor of Lord, focusing characteristics such as persistence, trust, and an open heart. It acknowledges the problems and limitations one might experience while training the Class and offers insights on how to steer them.