Figuring out how to “say it with love” is a task that seems to get trickier every year for many of us. Whether you have only recently entered a new relationship or you have been with your partner for years or even decades, we are sure you will wish to communicate your depth of feeling and appreciation for them, in a way that feels tasteful and sentimental. 


Alas, here at, we can’t choose your Valentine’s card or gift for you! What we can do, though, is help make your life easier when it comes to certain aspects of your 14th February celebrations. That’s largely thanks to the sheer quality and versatility of the shredded papers making up our range. 


What is shredded paper, and how can you use it for Valentine’s? 


The term “shredded paper” might seem self-explanatory enough – referring to paper that has been shredded – but our own high-quality shredded papers are so much more than that. 

Not only do we offer our shredded papers in all manner of pleasingly Valentine’s-friendly colours – encompassing the likes of pink, white, red, peach, and colour-mix options such as our ever-popular Joy Mix and Pride Mix – but they are also available in both 2mm and 4mm widths, and in straight-cut and zig-zag forms. Our ability to offer shredded paper that is both recycled and recyclable in turn, even means you can feel entirely guilt-free in using it. 


But how might you use the shredded paper you purchase from us this Valentine’s? Well, our online store has long been renowned as a source of shredded kraft paper for gifts and hampers, and it’s not overly difficult to see why. 


Our shredded papers look better than the likes of bubble wrap and conventional tissue paper, and are often more effective than the latter at protecting heavier items. So, if you are thinking of putting together a Valentine’s hamper for your sweetheart, shredded paper from us could be the ideal protective packaging material for the items contained inside. 


Other people, though, love to use our shredded papers for Valentine’s arts and crafts projects. Or perhaps you are a business owner, and you like the idea of using our paper to decorate the windows of your high-street store, as a way of giving it a suitably Valentine’s-y feel this February? 


The above isn’t an exhaustive rundown of the ways in which our shredded papers can be used for Valentine’s, and even if you have plenty left over after the event, they can be used in so many ways afterwards, such as for future gift packaging. Our papers really are, then, an excellent investment that you will love a long time after 14th February has passed. 


Our free UK mainland shipping gives you another great reason to purchase from us! 


Just in case you’re reading this while thinking, “but it’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet…”, we would like to remind you of one more benefit of placing your order for our shredded kraft paper for gifts right now: the free delivery we offer to most UK mainland postcodes

This service typically takes around three to four working days to deliver from the date of ordering, although the waiting time can be longer during busy periods. It will be Royal Mail, or another national courier of our choice, that handles your parcel. 


So, the present moment really is the time to purchase Valentine’s-ready shredded paper from us, to ensure you beat any last-minute rush. And if you do find yourself short of time, it is worth remembering that we offer express delivery, too. This is one more way in which we can help to ensure your Valentine’s Day is remembered for all the right reasons, whether you are an individual or business.