It does not subject what your history is, since wherever this really is leading, is way beyond the notion of a “standard life” to something that is many extraordinary, many exquisite, and unspeakable.

You can now actually open up and believe, What might it resemble to watch the days occur without the feeling of aiming or planning such a thing? What would it resemble if I were not attempting to program my life predicated on previous understanding, development, and conditioning.

To come in to that wonderful experience ensures that you have in the future into “the zone” with the Course—to go so acim serious and be therefore devoted with the training that, just like a pianist or violinist, you're not thinking when you are out “on the stage.” You're being used being an instrument. You're merely in the zone.

Being in the region suggests that you're being done through, sung through, smiled through. It is an involuntary movement and action when you are aligned with the Spirit. You will see an event that will end your questioning, an experience of supreme joy.

We've to start to understand that our ideas are causative and only our thoughts. There are number causes and consequences in the world. Whenever you come to the realization that you are free, you're no further at the mercy of the world. Then you could have a great smile on your face; you see a lovely single picture.

Everything was always in the heavenly flow, the movement was all that there was—that lovely, abstract flow. It's secure to let go. Your lifetime doesn't fall apart; your brain integrates and acknowledges itself.