The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy is a criminal defense law firm in Rhode Island that has made a name for itself as a premier criminal law office.

Attorney Stefanie Murphy understands how stressful and scary being arrested or charged with a crime can be. Stefanie Murphy limits the number of cases she handles in order to provide every client the attention and time they need.

Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy will fight and never give up. The office understands the ramifications that a criminal charge can have on your everyday life, your employment, your license, your family and also immigration status.

The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy handles all criminal cases and appears in court every day on behalf of their clients. Attorney Murphy handles traffic tickets, misdemeanors and felony matters in all the courts in Rhode Island (Kent, Providence, Washington and Newport Courts and the Traffic Tribunal).

Many times, cases are set down or go to trial in order to get the outcome that is warranted or that the client desires. Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy has successfully tried hundreds of bench and jury trials.

Attorney Stefanie Murphy will meet with you to discuss your case, and listen to everything you have to say about the case to provide you with the best defense. To learn more, please feel free to contact us.

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